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A She Routine: #ArabHeritageMonth Poems

Written by Brahim Ouzineb

This poem is about women in the Arab world who do it all for the family. They never think of "I" and are subject to a daily condescending routine that negates their being itself.

Photo by Ryan Miglinczy on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Miglinczy on Unsplash

A shout to draw light

Piercing as a sound

Digs the souls

Looking ahead to next

A hawk chasing looks

Wave changes smiles

Trial here error there

Capital I and an i

Glimpse at the beyond

Light but heavy is key

A heyho to break latency

As music falters, out of blue

Uniforms flock into the scene

Mocking the joy round

Red on the nose

Cheap make up

It looks if it does

Fluffy attire fitting daily anguish

The Routine ... the voice wows

Fragile yet willing ears

Floating and soaking

Yeah business thrives

This poem is submitted as part of Calgary Arabia Radio's literary celebration of #ArabHeritageMonth 2023.

About Brahim Ouzineb

Brahim Ait Ouzineb was born in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. His love for English and the magic of words started with Michael Jackson's songs and continued, in later years, with a Bachelor's in English Literature in the Capital of the country. In parallel with his corporate and academic jobs throughout the years, he always found a way to write articles, and newsletters and even help young writers as he did while supervising students' newspapers in al Akhawayn University in English, French, and Arabic. Today, after living in Canada for almost 3 years, he is pursuing his dream career of becoming a journalist.

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